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Dear Clear the Air,
Tetronics International is the global leader in the supply of Plasma Arc waste recovery plants for a wide range of hazardous waste treatment applications. This includes the delivery of significant benefits (listed below) when treating the hazardous Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) generated from thermal power plants.

Fact: For every 100,000 tpa of MSW treated, approx. 4,000 tpa of hazardous APCr is produced. APCr is a hazardous waste containing volatile heavy metals, dioxins and furans that are generated in the exhaust gas cleaning systems of thermal power plants and is one of the key concerns of the public and other pressure groups.

Tetronics International provides the most effective hazardous waste treatment process in the world having supplied over 80 plasma plants in the last 50 years. Key benefits include:

  • Plasma plants are very compact and can be easily co-located alongside thermal power plants – saving on traffic movements of hazardous APCr.
  • Plasma delivers extremely high Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DREs) of the hazardous elements of APCr with levels of 99.9999% typically achieved.
  • Plasma turns the APCr generated from thermal power plants into the UK Environment Agency approved products such as bricks and tiles for the building industry.

Tetronics plasma technology has already been selected for APCr treatment as part of EnergyPark Peterborough, which is due to start construction early 2013. EnergyPark Peterborough consider plasma as “the most viable and flexible recycling system for APC residues”.

Please see below link to a case study which outlines Tetronics solutions for treating APC and other hazardous wastes. I hope you find this information of value and if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click here to see Tetronics solutions in action for treating APCr and other hazardous wastes »

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Kind regards,
Kate Colclough
Group Marketing Manager
Tetronics International

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