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May, 2013:

plasma gasification


Clear the Air NGO has no financial interest, sponsorship, shareholding or other benefit whatsoever in any plasma gasification company

We just want the best available current technology to be used.

Given that judicial review proceedings are underway on the incinerator proposal and whoever loses the case will appeal, we foresee no outcome of the legal tussle until the end of 2014.

Given the lead time on the planned project we would not see it operational at the chosen location before 2021.

By then we would expect major usage of plasma technology MSW plants worldwide. Airproducts has already stated it will build at least 5 in the UK.

Their business model requires no client funding to build the plant.

Contrary to what the HPA in UK states, peer reviewed data from Spain shows increased deaths and cancers downwind of incinerators.

Imperial College UK is conducting a like study on infant birth mortality and a like study is underway on the Macau Ka Ho incinerator.

Download PDF : WPC_SoQ_March_2013_NDA_Not_Required_Final A

Technical Support Document – MSW Plasma Gasification Combined Cycle Power Technology

Download PDF : 8 0 4 1_Executive_Summary_-_ENSR_Technical_Support_Document_WTE_Combined

Advanced Plasma Power invite to UK

Download :

Advanced Plasma Power – Media Coverage February 2012v2

Group Machiel Joint Venture 26 May 2011 press release v FINAL

FINAL Waste to Gas Pilot Project press release 22 Feb 2012

An Introduction to Advanced Plasma Power and its Gasplasma ® Technology

Download PDF : eco12_230312_1500_rolfstein_advanced-plasmapower

Airproducts Teesside 1 shown gasifier 950 tonnes per day (photos) Teesside 2 approved and underway – 950 tonnes per day Chinook Energy likewise – 950 tonnes per day Solena / BA plant underway 1,568 tonnes per day


See below photos:

Airproducts Teesside 1 plasma gasifier unit shown – 950 tonnes per day – Operational 2014

Airproducts Teesside 2 approved and plant construction underway 950 tonnes per day and electricity takeoff pre-sold to UK Government.

Airproducts has stated they will build at least 5 similar plants in UK

Chinook Energy UK plasma gasification 950 tonnes per day

The Rushlight Awards are judged by an independent panel of recognized experts covering all clean technology sectors and drawn from academia, trade associations, government departments and specialist media. In particular, the judges included senior figures from DEFRA, the Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Institute of Environmental Sciences, DECC, WRAP, PERA, the Renewable Energy Association and the Carbon Trust, along with noted academics from the Universities of York, Newcastle, Nottingham, London, Edinburgh and Cranfield.

The trophy was presented to Chinook Sciences at the annual Rushlight Awards gala dinner on January 31 by Chris Murphy, Deputy Chief Executive of the CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) with the Minister State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker in attendance.

40 MW Gasification Plant to Recycle ELV Shredder Fluff in Midlands
July 16th, 2012 A facility that will use gasification technology to recycle 350,000 tonnes of shredder residue from end-of-life vehicles and household appliances each year as well as generate 40 MW of electricity is being developed in the West Midlands by Innovative Environmental Solutions (IES).

Solena Fuels BA Green Skies plant in London under construction 550,000 tpa / 1,568 tonnes MSW per day to produce bio jet fuel Operational 2015 and second plant to proceed in Spain

Solena signed agreement with ten world airlines. Solena USA Gilroy plant under construction

So, do you believe facts or do you believe ELVIS AU’s blinkered innuendo ?


Clear the Air says:

A cynical person might ask why the above ENB presentation organisers have no plasma gasification industry players attending as invited panelists to make

their point in this public forum ? ( and we wonder who is paying the airfares and hotels for the 4 panel participants from overseas ?)

…. well anyone that really matters in that business will be in London’s World Waste to Energy City Summit 2013 May 8th – 9th and is also involved in the Webinar ‘Accelerating Biofuels Webinar: Waste Gasification to Aviation and Transport Fuels in the UK and US/Canada’ on May 7th 2013

……….ayaaah ! ………..what a coincidence ! (or was it ?)

America Square Conference Centre, London

08 May 2013 09 May 2013

The International Networking Forum for the Advanced Waste-To-Energy Industry

The 2nd World Waste to Energy City Summit explores the opportunities and challenges in integrating waste-to-energy into today’s cities, focusing on advanced conversion technologies for municipal and industrial waste.

NNFCC members receive a 20 per cent discount to this event

Meet NNFCC Here

FREE Online Webinar

07 May 2013

Free to attend webinar on advanced biofuels

Webinar hosted by Waste Management World discussing waste gasification to aviation and transport biofuels in the UK and US/Canada.

Solar panel slims down to a few atoms thick

Solar panel slims down to a few atoms thick

2 May 2013Simon Hadlington


The incredibly thin cell. Graphene (light blue); dichalcogenide (white+blue); nanoparticles (gold); boron nitride (purple+beige) © Science/AAAS

An international team of researchers has constructed an atom thin photovoltaic device with unusually high quantum efficiency – a measure of the photons converted into charge carrying electrons – of 30%. The structure consists of a sandwich of a semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) and sheets of graphene. The work extends the range of new ‘heterostructures’ based on two-dimensional atomic crystals being developed by materials scientists and could lead to new types of flexible solar cells or phototransistors.

TMDCs are layered materials consisting of a triangular lattice of transition metal atoms sandwiched between two triangular lattices of chalcogen atoms – sulfur, selenium or tellurium. They are known to have potent photon–electron interactions because of the presence within the lattice of Van Hove singularities – a quantum mechanical feature which makes electrons peculiarly susceptible to external perturbations, such as stimulation by light.

‘Layer by layer we constructed a sandwich of atomically thin components,’ says team member Antonio Castro Neto of the University of Boston, US, currently working at the National University of Singapore. Boron nitride forms the outer layer, as an insulator and protective film; the next layer consists of graphene as a tough, transparent and flexible conductor; and the TMDC is the ‘meat’ of the sandwich. As light hits the TMDC it dislodges electrons, which are collected by the graphene electrodes, ready to be harnessed for carrying out work. The scientists also discovered that peppering the graphene surface with gold nanoparticles enhanced light absorption.

solar cell

The new solar cell is a sandwich of atom thin materials

‘Overall the device is no thicker than about 20Å,’ says Castro Neto. ‘We wanted to see if something this thin could efficiently produce an electric current, and we showed that even something a few atoms thick can turn 30% of the energy of photons into electricity.’

‘I think TMDC should make very good transistors, since the off current should be able to be very low – single atomic layer – and the on current should be very high due to high mobility,’ says Henry Snaith, a photovoltaics expert at the University of Oxford, UK. ‘In addition, the possibility to interact with light makes phototransistors, and hence highly sensitive photodetectors, very possible.’ Snaith is less convinced that the system will result in new solar cells as stacking the devices will cut their efficiency.

Castro Neto says that the next step is to investigate other two-dimensional semiconductor crystals in the system to further increase its efficiency. They also plan to look into other combinations of materials to create novel heterostructures, as well as to engineer the system to improve the performance.


L Britnell et al, Science, 2013, DOI: 10.1126/science.1235547

Gasification Technologies Council Opens Registration for Annual Conference

Gasification Technologies Council Opens Registration for Annual

May 01, 2013 —

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

The Gasification Technologies Council has opened registration for the
2013 Gasification Technologies Conference, the industrys largest and most
prestigious event.

The Gasification Technologies Council, the premier trade association and
foremost authority on the gasification industry, is hosting the event
Oct. 13-16 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Co.

This is the premier global gasification conference and best networking
event for anyone interested in gasification, said Alison Kerester,
Executive Director of the Gasification Technologies Council. It is a
tremendous opportunity to learn about the latest technical advances,
market trends and policy issues impacting the gasification industry.

The conferences keynote speaker will be Robert Ineson, Managing Director
at IHS CERA. He will detail the latest trends on global energy markets.

This years program will include biomass and waste gasification, coal and
petcoke gasification, plasma gasification, project updates, underground
coal gasification, gasification R&D, gasification for hydrogen and an
update on the global gasification market. There also will be
pre-conference gasification basics and project finance workshops.

Participants may register at

Kerester said the annual conference attracts more than 500 people and
dozens of exhibitors from around the world.

Participants come from the entire value chain of the gasification
industry, including technology providers, engineering firms, equipment
suppliers, developers, plant owners, academics, government and potential
customers, Kerester said. They truly represent the best of the
gasification industry.

The presentations are one of the conferences highlights. This years
presentations will feature the latest on:

.     Global gasification markets, including China, Japan, India and the
Middle East

.     Biomass and waste gasification

.     Plasma gasification

.     Gasification projects and technology

.     Underground coal gasification

.     Gasification for fuels and chemicals

.     Gasification for power

.     Advanced gasification

.     Small-scale gasifiers

.     Technology improvements

.     Research and development


The Gasification Technologies Council (GTC) promotes a better
understanding of the role gasification can play in providing the power,
chemical and refining industries with economically competitive and
environmentally conscious technology options to produce electricity,
fuels and chemicals and for converting waste and biomass into these same
valuable products.

GTC members are involved in all aspects of developing, deploying, and
using commercial gasification technologies to produce, process, and use
clean synthesis gas for the production of chemicals, fuels, substitute
natural gas, and power. GTC member companies are involved in gasification
projects — as plant owners, technology suppliers, or equipment/service
suppliers — that account for 95 percent of world synthesis gas capacity.

To learn more, visit

Read the full story at

3 MW Waste to Energy Gasification Plant Underway in India

3 MW Waste to Energy Gasification Plant Underway in India

30 April 2013

By Ben Messenger
Managing Editor of Waste Management World magazine

3 MW Waste to Energy Gasification Plant Underway in Venkatamangala, IndiaFollowing years of delays preliminary civil works have begun on a waste to energy facility in the village of Venkatamangalam, India which will use gasification technology to process municipal solid waste (MSW) from Tambaram and Pallavaram municipalities, according to a report in The Hindu.

To mark the start of construction, a ‘bhoomi pooja’ ceremony was reported to have been performed at the 50-acre site located around 15 km from Tambaram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

According to the report the Rs 1 billion ($18.5 million) project a public private partnership which will operate on a design, built, operate and transfer (DBOT) basis and is expected to be complete by mid-2014.

The plant is reportedly been designed to process some 300 tonnes of solid waste per day and generate around 3 MW of electricity from the syngas created by a waste gasification process.


Explaining the plant’s operation municipal officials explained that waste brought to the site would be segregated into biodegradable, recyclable and other inert waste. Wet waste would be dried with blowers to remove moisture and reduce its weight by 50%.

The report said that the waste would then be sieved, shredded and subjected to a thermalisation process to create syngas which would be used to generate electricity.

The by-products from the waste gasification process would be either used for creating ‘eco-bricks’ or dumped in scientific landfills.

According to the report officials claimed that no part of the process would result in any form of pollution to land, water or air.


The facility is reported to be being developed by Mumbai based infrastructure developer, Essel Infraprojects and Tambaram Municipal Solid Waste Private Limited, under a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created for the purpose – Essel Pallavapuram.

According to The Hindu, K.M.R. Nissar Ahmed, Pallavaram’s municipal chairman said that the SPV would also be in charge of operating and maintaining the facility, as well as landfill sites, for 20 years, Mr. Ahmed told presspersons here.

K.M.R. Nissar Ahmed, Pallavaram municipal chairman, said of the total project cost,

Ahmed is also reported to have said that around Rs 200 million ($3.7 million) of the total cost of the facility would be covered by a grant under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission – a huge city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India’s under Ministry of Urban Development.

The rest of the funds are reported to have come from Essel Infraprojects, the lead partner in the project.

The chairman is also reported to have said that even after the commissioning the plant, the municipalities of Pallavaram and Tambaram would continue to engage in primary waste collection.

The waste generated and collected in the two towns will be transferred to the plant, with the municipalities paying Rs 500 ($9.30) for every tonne of waste treated at the facility.

Parthapratim Ata, general manager, Essel Infraprojects, was reported to be confident of completing the project on time and begin generating power by the middle of next year

Alter NRG Reports First Quarter 2013 Activities and Financial Results

Alter NRG Reports First Quarter 2013 Activities and Financial Results


CALGARY, May 2, 2013 /CNW/ – (TSX – NRG; OTCQX – ANRGF) – Alter NRG Corp., (“Alter NRG” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to report on its corporate activities and financial results for the three month period ended March 31, 2013.

The Corporation’s focus is the Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Technology which is the worldwide leader in creating energy from waste using plasma gasification. We market and sell the Westinghouse Plasma Technology through our wholly owned subsidiary, Westinghouse Plasma Corporation (“Westinghouse Plasma”). Westinghouse Plasma is the industry leader for the treatment of all types of waste (industrial, household, commercial, hazardous, etc.) using plasma technology and converting it into useable energy such as electricity, syngas (replacement for natural gas), heat, steam, or liquid fuels such as diesel or ethanol.

Our Vision – To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet. Our Mission – As the industry leader, we will forge and dominate an industry segment that transforms current waste management practices. We build shareholder value by enabling customers to convert waste into clean energy by providing plasma gasification products, services and solutions that are innovative and environmentally friendly.

Westinghouse Plasma Technology is a commercially proven technology that is used in commercially operating facilities in Japan and India that have been converting waste into energy for more than ten years, and facilities are under construction in China and England. From an environmental perspective, a plasma facility will have significantly lower emissions than other alternative energy facilities and have an overall emissions profile lower than a natural gas combined cycle power facility, which is considered the cleanest fossil fuel production. From an economic perspective waste-to-energy projects generally have strong project returns in populous areas, as the projects receive revenues from tipping fees to take the waste and then also receive revenues from the sale of energy.

Alter NRG is pleased to be presenting highlights for its first quarter of 2013 as revenues have increased by 217% over the prior year. This is reflective of an emerging business plan with significant long-term potential.


The first quarter ended March 31, 2013 had $4.4 million in revenues which is an increase of 217% over the first quarter of the prior year. This revenue reflects the progress on the fabrication of the large-scale Westinghouse Plasma gasifier for the 50 MW facility under construction by a leading Fortune 500 company. During the first quarter of 2013 there were 3 facilities under construction or commissioning which illustrates the commercial growth potential of the Westinghouse Plasma Technology.


Sales of $4.4 million for the first quarter which is an increase over the first quarter of the prior year of 217%. This reflects the emerging business plan supporting the Westinghouse Plasma Technology and revenues include sales income to three facilities under construction or commissioning as well as plasma torch sales to the China market and licensing fees from developers with emerging business plans. Executed on approximately 80% cumulatively to date of the $20 million purchase order from Air Products a US based Fortune 500 Company, which has previously announced its intention to build four additional advanced gasification facilities in the United Kingdom in the coming years.

On October 23, 2012 Air Products announced it is advancing a second project on adjacent lands in Tees Valley of the same size and configuration as the first project and has negotiated the power purchase agreement with the UK government.

Wuhan Kaidi (“Kaidi“), who previously ordered engineering and torches, completed construction of its demonstration facility in China for which the Westinghouse Plasma Gasifier was commissioned during the first quarter of 2013. The facility is expected to take 100 tonnes per day of biomass waste and convert it into liquid fuels.

Upon successful demonstration (expected in early 2013), Kaidi has more than 100 sites identified to take biomass and convert it into power and liquid fuels.

Signed an agreement to provide $12 million of Westinghouse Plasma Torches to Beijing Huanyu Guanchuan Plasma Technology Ltd. (“GuanChuan“). During the first quarter of 2013, GuanChuan ordered the first four torches for an approximate $1 million order to be delivered in the second quarter of 2013. GuanChuan is using the torches for their industrial furnace applications related to the steel and iron industry in China which is a promising growth market.

Finalized scope with SMS Infrastructure (“SMS”) (who has already constructed two hazardous waste facilities utilizing Westinghouse Plasma technology) on two projects which have advanced into the formal regulatory approval phase.

These are the more advanced projects within a larger pipeline of projects which SMS is developing and marketing in India and the Middle East. SMS is a licensee of the Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Technology and provides turnkey hazardous waste facilities to the market and has approximately 140 people in their gasification division.

Supported a hazardous waste demonstration facility in Shanghai China being constructed by GTS Shanghai. We have previously delivered the detailed engineering and torches, however, during the year they ordered additional equipment for their facility which will be delivered in 2013. The facility is under construction and is expected to be commissioned in mid-2013.

Advanced business development efforts with Waste2Tricity which announced an approximate 250 tonne per day project in England which began with the concept design study. Business development has also advanced in the Thailand market with larger scale 1,000 tonne per day projects. Waste2Tricity has a common shareholder with Alter NRG, Roman Abramovich, and is aggressively pursuing development opportunities including licensing for certain regions.

Advanced project development with a developer, PGP Terminal a.s. (“PGPT”), which previously purchased site licenses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for $4.375 million, with 10% being paid up front. The developer has been working for several years on waste-to-energy projects and has a portfolio of projects that it is currently advancing in their home market. They expect to begin engineering on the first facilities in 2013 with the intention of ordering equipment in late 2013 or early 2014. Continued due diligence and financing efforts related to the Company’s investment options in current projects, to participate in the annuity cashflows of projects through a partnership structure with Alter NRG as the general partner. Alter NRG has options to invest with key customers, including Air Products, which allow the Corporation to elect on the option after the project receives regulatory approval but without any promoted costs. This is a favourable option for the Corporation as it does not have to deploy the risky development capital but can participate in the project level annuity cashflow after the project has been de-risked.

In addition to the highlights above, customers around the globe continue to advance their business development efforts using the Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Solution. This includes exclusive license agreements for territories that are in advanced negotiations.


Our Vision – To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet. Our Mission – As the industry leader, we will forge and dominate an industry segment that transforms current waste management practices. We build shareholder value by enabling customers to convert waste into clean energy by providing plasma gasification products, services and solutions that are innovative and environmentally friendly.


The first quarter of 2013 was about execution. In my previous CEO’s message I talked about how we have hit the tipping point with the world’s largest plasma gasification facility being constructed by Air Products. This is important and now we are 80% complete on our scope of the project. However, execution is equally as important for a Company forging forward with an innovative technology and this quarter we had some strong execution milestones, as follows:

Our Vision – To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s waste into clean energy for a healthier planet. Our Mission – As the industry leader, we will forge and dominate an industry segment that transforms current waste management practices. We build shareholder value by enabling customers to convert waste into clean energy by providing plasma gasification products, services and solutions that are innovative and environmentally friendly.

Currently, there are three facilities under construction which shows we are penetrating the market. Each of our customers have broad business plans for multiple facilities and are deploying a lot of man hours, and resources on their first projects and the continued business development of their follow-on projects. The successful implementation of the first facilities will pave the road not only for our existing customers with facilities under construction but also for new customers that are watching. Reference facilities are key to executing our market penetration strategy and we have been actively involved in designing, training and managing these customer’s projects to support their success.

Part of the excitement of our product and market penetration capability is the multiple applications for our product. One facility under construction is 950 tonnes per day and turn household waste to electricity in England; another takes 100 tonnes per day of biomass waste and is designed to convert it into liquids fuels; the third takes 50 tonnes per day of hazardous waste and will convert it into electricity. Different feedstocks, different sizes and different outputs – but the same enabling Westinghouse plasma technology. Add this to the existing reference facilities that have also taken hazardous waste (50 different kinds), auto shredder residue, and sewage sludge and have also converted our syngas into ethanol and you have a lot of potential market applications. This leads to the excitement as each new reference facility has broad market implications for a clean and efficient energy conversion in a variety of applications.

Execution also continues related to our opportunities for co-investment into projects that are being developed by capable partners and have strong financial returns. As an innovative and paradigm changing technology, most developers welcome the core technology provider as a project owner. However, we are not the developer – that is a time-consuming and often expensive process best left to larger institutions and specialized local teams. We have options to invest along-side the developer once the projects have achieved their major commercial milestones including regulatory approvals. My history of financing energy projects tells me this is an area where we can add significant shareholder value.

The first quarter of 2013 has been focused on execution and I am pleased to see results on many fronts. Each project execution opens up new markets, new applications and follow-on business opportunities. Worldwide, energy and waste management solutions are in demand; critical demand in some cases and with a disciplined approach Alter NRG is uniquely positioned to grow and be successful, and to build value for our shareholders. We are charting and executing upon a path to success for our company, our customers and our shareholders.

SELECT FINANCIAL RESULTS ($) Balance SheetMarch 31, 2013 December 31, 2012 Total assets$ 66,475,554 $ 57,566,565 Total liabilities22,715,739 23,430,697 Total equity43,759,815 34,135,868
Income Statement Three months ended March 31, 2013 March 31, 2012 Sales $ 4,365,811 $ 1,378,457 Gross profit $ 689,556 $ 271,761 Loss from continuing operations (1,759,229) (2,593,108) Loss from discontinued operations – (350,307) Basic and diluted loss per share – continuing operations (0.02) (0.04) Basic and diluted loss per share – discontinued operations – (0.01)

For more information on the Corporation’s financial results please visit or to view Alter NRG’s 2013 First Quarter Report.

The Toronto Stock Exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Advisory Respecting Forward-Looking Statements:

This news release contains certain forward-looking information and statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws. The use of any of the words “expect”, “anticipate”, “continue”, “estimate”, “objective”, “ongoing”, “may”, “will”, “project”, “should”, “believe”, “plans”, “intends”, “confident”, “might” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking information or statements. In particular, but without limiting the foregoing, this news release contains forward-looking information and statements pertaining to the following: availability and cost of key materials and labour and availability of funds with respect to the amount of capital expenditures and scheduled commencement of operations; timing of regulatory approval including various permits from the applicable government authorities; the assessment of capital markets including the availability of debt and equity in current market conditions; commodity prices resources that impact the Corporation’s operations directly and indirectly; extent of investment by government authorities in infrastructure projects; the financial and operational health of key partners in various projects; the continued development of the Corporation’s technology and its use in various applications and other expectations, beliefs, plans, goals, objectives, assumptions, information and statements about possible future events, conditions, results of operations or performance. Various assumptions were used in drawing the conclusions or making the projections contained in the forward-looking statements throughout this news release.

The forward-looking information and statements included in this news release are not guarantees of future performance and should not be unduly relied upon. Forward-looking statements reflect management’s current beliefs and assumptions, based on information currently available to management. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in the forward-looking statements, many of which are beyond the control of the Corporation. Among the material factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements are: that the information is of a preliminary nature and may be subject to further adjustment; unforeseen environmental effects; the completion of strategic partner’s projects; arrangements with key suppliers; potential product liability and other claims; other business risks outlined in this news release, including risks associated with the proprietary technology; the possible unavailability of financing at competitive rates and the related effect on development activities; the effect of energy price fluctuations; changes in government regulation, including changes to environmental regulations; the effects of competition; the dependence on senior management and key personnel, and fluctuations in currency exchange rates and interest rates, as well as those factors discussed in or referred to under the heading “Risk Factors” in the Corporation’s Annual Information Form dated March 27, 2013 available at Such information and statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking information or statements.

The Corporation cautions that the foregoing list of assumptions, risks and uncertainties is not exhaustive. The forward-looking information and statements contained in this news release speak only as of the date of this news release, and the Corporation assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances, except as may be required pursuant to applicable securities laws.