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Plasma Gasification : an Explanation of the technology – for members fo the Advisory Council on the Environment and Legco Panel on Evironmental Affairs

ENB’s appointed consultant for the proposed (old) moving gate mass burn technology SWC incinerator is AECOM

AECOM Quote:

Plasma Gasification is a Clean Energy Solution – Energy Recovery from Waste

‘Alter NRG’s 750 tonne-per-day waste-to-energy plasma gasification facility “will result in substantial renewable energy production from post consumer waste streams that would normally have to be land filled, while providing state-of-the-art emission control…’

“These emissions will be substantially lower than traditional mass burn or refuse derived fuel processes commonly used in the waste to energy industry. Diversion of MSW from solid waste landfills (where the potent greenhouse gas methane is formed) will result in substantial net decreases in greenhouse gas emissions as CO2 equivalent. Since the proposed organic feed stocks are post consumer waste streams,the project represents a renewable and sustainable clean energy resource.”


Milwaukee Gasification-WTE Project Unveiled

Mike Zebell of Aecom “The site AFE has chosen for this project is well suited for this facility”, said Mike Zebell of Aecom, a technical, environmental and management support services company advising AFE on permitting. “We believe that this technology is not only environmentally friendly but ready for large-scale commercialization.  ”

Mike Zebell of Aecom “We are excited to partner with an entrepreneurial firm like AFE, one of the industries leading developers focused on building environmentally responsible energy projects using plasma gasification technology.”

Plasma Gasification Explanation PDF : Download Plasma GasificationExplanation

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