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Plasma arc is unsuitable for SAR

South China Morning Post – 17 Jan 2012

Lai See, Hong Kong’s self-appointed guru on waste incineration, wasted no time replying to my letter (“Incinerators’ good global track record”, January 7) and dashed to defend his call for plasma arc technology to dispose of Hong Kong’s household refuse (“Garbage in, garbage out”, January 7). This is something I consider as expensive and, given the good track record of moving grate incinerators, as unnecessary as sending the refuse to the sun.

Instead of underpinning his views with facts, however, Lai See suggested Explosion Power Hong Kong Limited argued only out of self-interest, because we supply equipment and services to such plants.

We are interested in selling our expertise, service and equipment to waste-to-energy plants. Our company, its parent and principals in Switzerland, and its partners worldwide have gained unparalleled expertise in designing, building, operating, and providing maintenance services to thousands of incinerators of any type.

Our main product, on-line boiler cleaning, is a widely and highly sought-after service to enhance operational efficiencies of such plants.

Our third generation explosion generator is the tailor-made technology for closed-system, high-temperature incinerators, like, for example, the plasma arc furnace Lai See supports. Should Hong Kong spend huge amounts of money to build unnecessary plasma arc furnaces, the use of our new, and much more expensive equipment, would almost be mandatory.

Why then are we not in favour of plasma arc technology for Hong Kong’s waste-to-energy plant? Because it is a waste of time and money. It will use energy rather than produce, and we want an incinerator to be built now, and not talked about for years to come. We do care about the environment and about Hong Kong taxpayers’ money.

Alexander Luedi, general manager, Explosion Power Hong Kong Limited

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