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Subsidy only encourages power use

Clear the Air says: no doubt this is a backdoor pacifier payment after dragging the power companies before Legco for trying to apply the legal binding agreement that the inept Government had signed with them under the Scheme of Control.

Subsidy only encourages power use

A long time ago, the government said it would combat climate change and save energy.

Then, in last week’s budget announcement, the government decided to give each of the city’s households an annual electricity subsidy of HK$1,800 (“Taxpayers can look forward to lower bills”, February 2).

I think the subsidy will make the problem of energy consumption even worse because it will encourage people to use more electricity than before. Because people won’t need to think about the cost of power, they will use more and more energy, exacerbating climate change.

If we really want to solve this problem, we need to teach people the advantages of protecting the environment.

The government could also establish more sources of renewable energy such as solar panels.

Hong Kong uses a lot of energy, and the government and public need to work together to change the situation.

Chan Tsun-ho, Sha Tin

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