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Proposed plasma gasification & waste incineration facility in Perth |

Proposed plasma gasification & waste incineration facility in Perth

Published : Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 
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Waste to energy specialist, Phoenix Energy Australia, is to work with Australian engineering contractor, John Holland – a wholly owned subsidiary of Leighton Holdings Limited – to develop a AU$400 million ($389 million) waste to energyfacility near Perth.

The project is set to combine both mass burn waste incineration technology and plasma arc waste gasification.

According to a report by Perthnow the facility will have a total output of some 80 MW.

Earlier reports have suggested that the plant will use Westinghouse Plasma technology to gasify around 100,000 tonnes of industrial waste, with the syngas being utilised to co-fire municipal solid waste and construction and industrial waste in a conventional mass burn incinerator.

The proposed plant would use Martin grate technology, for which Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHVYF) holds the license for the Asia Pacific region.

Phoenix Energy said that the facility, to be located in the Kwinana Industrial Area in Western Australia, will be used to recover energy from municipal waste.

According to Peter Dyson Phoenix Energy Australia’s managing director the project is now moving into the detailed engineering and formal approvals stage.

“Therefore the inclusion of a credible engineering, procurement and construction partner was a logical next step as early integration of the technology providers, designers and construction team will enable a smoother delivery of the project,” explained Dyson.

The company claimed that the proposed facility could reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 90 per cent.

John Holland is also currently working in a joint venture to deliver the Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility, a 2000 wet tonnes per day waste treatment plant generating its own energy and to be completed in 2013


Hatch to deliver concept level study for alternative energy solutions in Western Australia

March 21, 2011

Hatch has been engaged by Moltoni Energy to perform a FEL1 study for a Waste to Energy Facility in Kwinana, Western Australia. Kwinana is located south of Perth on the Indian Ocean.

The client requires a concept level study to complete the engineering of the facility in a structured, low risk method. The goal is to convert a variety of waste streams into saleable energy. The project will involve the unique combination of a ‘Martin Grate’ mass combustion furnace and in parallel a plasma gasification unit both of which create useable energy from renewable feedstocks like waste and biomass.

MartinGMBH is based in Germany and has the major market share of the mass combustion, waste to energy plants globally through its proprietary grate technology. In the Australian region, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environment and Chemical Ltd, based out of Japan, hold the license for the Martin Grate technology. Hatch has already worked with MHI on a number of projects and this was seen as an added advantage.

Alter NRG is a public alternative energy company, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They provide clean energy solutions that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable through two methods; plasma gasification and geo-exchange.

Hatch offices in Brisbane and Perth are participating in the project, scheduled to begin facility construction in 2012.

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