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Plasma Gasification Advances

Edward Yau and his proposed caveman mass -burn 850 degrees C incinerator technology that produces 1/3 of what is thermally converted  per day into toxic bottom and fly ash that needs landfilling – ad infinitum – hence the need to build offshore islands as ash lagoon tips

The sensible Option –  Plasma Gasification at 6,000 degrees C that has no ash residues, just plasmarok volcanic glass that can be used or mandated as road aggregate, with minimal emissions (steam) versus massive incineration pollutants and dioxins and ash residues

Plasma plants are modular and can be sited nearer to the waste sources or additional (150,000 TPA) modules added to a main site

Landfills can be reverse mined back to their original state using gasification technology and is underway now

Cathay Pacific could soon  be re-fuelling with bio jet fuel produced from a Solena Fuels gasification system – British Airways plant is under construction now as are agreements with SAS and Alitalia and other major airlines such as Lufthansa and US based airlines

“American Airlines and United Continental Holdings led the development of the agreement with Solena and were joined by five additional ATA member airlines – Alaska Airlines, FedEx,

JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and US Airways – and ATA associate member Air Canada in signing the letters of intent, as well as Frontier Airlines and Lufthansa German Airlines.

ATA is a cofounding and co-leading member of CAAFI, which is dedicated to the development and deployment of commercially viable, environmentally friendly

alternative aviation fuels.”

Bio marine fuel can be produced from a gasification system and one is being built now (Solena/Maersk) in New Jersey

Download PDF : PlasmaGasifAdvance

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