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Waste to Energy Gasification Pilot Plant in Colorado

Waste to Energy Gasification Pilot Plant in Colorado

26 March 2013

By Ben Messenger
Managing Editor

Waste to Energy Gasification Pilot Plant in Colorado Vista International Technologies

Denver, Colorado based waste gasification specialist, Vista International Technologies, (OTCBB: VVIT), has begun construction on its pilot waste to energy project.

The company said that the project will utilise the next generation of its waste gasification technology, the MFG-8 Thermal Gasifier.

According to VVIT the Thermal Gasifier processes fuel converted from feedstock such as waste, biomass, tyres and virtually any solid carbon based material into useful energy without harming the environment.

Gasification and partial oxidation take place in separate gasification and oxidation areas of a single chamber, and final complete combustion takes place in a fire tube before entering the boiler.

The company said that the development of its pilot facility is the beginning of a multiple phase plan by the host company to reduce the amount of waste it landfills.

Upon successful completion of this project, VVIT said that the second phase of the plan will involve the installation of a larger, permanent waste to energy installation at the host company’s site.

VVIT added that the project is being fully funded by the host company.

“The beginning of construction on our initial third generation unit represents a giant step forward for the company,” commented CEO Tim Ruddy.

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