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Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Technology

Legco Panel on Environmental Affairs 3rd May 2013

Dear Members,

Please find the latest self-explanatory information and web-links regarding plasma gasification of MSW, compared to incineration, attached herewith.

Whilst Hong Kong Government engages reverse gear and seeks to inflict stone age technology on a pristine Hong Kong environment, the forward thinking UK Government has embraced the

latest plasma gasification technology and ten major world airlines likewise.

Plasma gasification plants are modular: more MSW to handle = add another module. These plants are under construction now. The salient facts defeat the innuendo from

ENB’s Elvis AU who repeatedly states that plasma gasification could not handle Hong Kong’s waste problem, one that was exacerbated by ENB’s inaction to legislate recycling at source during the

tenure of the previous Administrations, which included Elvis AU and frequent flyer Edward Yau.

“Air Products is to build a second 350,000 tonne per year waste to energy plasma gasification facility on Teesside following the signing of a 20 year power purchase agreement with

the UK government’s Cabinet Office”

“EARLY START PLANNED FOR ENERGY PLANT WORK could start on a second Teesside energy-from-waste plant within a few months, bosses at Air Products have confirmed.”

British Airways’ Jet Biofuel Plant Will Open in 2015 Leon Kaye | December 6th, 2012

British Airways, Solena, Solena Fuels, biofuels, jet fuel, aviation fuel, GreenSky Project, Leon Kaye, Fischer-Tropsch, fluor, jet biofuel

British Airways and Solena will soon launch a $500m biofuel plant Yesterday, British Airways (BA) announced that it has found a site for a bio-refinery that will generate up to 50,000 tons of jet fuel annually. In a partnership with the American aviation biofuel company Solena Fuels, BA will invest approximately US$500 million in the plant, which will eventually provide the airline a steady source of jet fuel for a minimum of 10 years. The GreenSky Project, which will soon break ground and become fully operational in 2015, will allow Solena to produce up to 16 million gallons of jet fuel and 40 megawatts of power. The project would also score huge achievements on the waste diversion front: 500,000 tons of waste would become diverted from landfills annually and instead become a feedstock for BA’s new stream of jet fuel.

Ten major international airlines sign with Solena Fuels for carbon neutral bio jet fuel.

Recycling Waste Into Biofuel American Airlines has signed a letter of intent with Solena Fuels and is negotiating an agreement along with other major U.S. carriers to purchase biofuel made from recycled waste. This new biomass fuel source would be used on flights from San Francisco Bay Area airports including Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco. Solena’s Northern California biomass-to-liquids plant will produce up to 16 million gallons of jet fuel per year from 550,000 tons of recycled agricultural and urban waste.

Solena, SAS partner for aviation biofuels project at Stockholm Airport

Solena and SAS announced a partnership to develop a waste-to-jet fuel project at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, with a goal of establishing similar projects in Denmark and Norway.

Solena Fuels sets biojet facility construction plan in motion

Solena Fuels expects to put in its planning application with the City of Gilroy for construction of its first biojet facility sometime within the coming year.

Alitalia signs with Solena for MSW-to-aviation fuels project

Alitalia has signed a deal with Solena—who is currently developing a biojet project with British Airways—to explore transforming MSW into biojet using the Fischer-Tropsch process

Qantas, Solena Group to partner in aviation biofuels effort

Qantas and Solena Group have announced that they expect to finalize a partnership in the next two weeks to determine the feasibility of a Fischer-Tropsch based biofuels plant in Australia

that will produce aviation biofuels from waste

Kind regards,

James Middleton


Download PDF : WPC_SoQ_March_2013_NDA_Not_Required_Final

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