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plasma gasification


Clear the Air NGO has no financial interest, sponsorship, shareholding or other benefit whatsoever in any plasma gasification company

We just want the best available current technology to be used.

Given that judicial review proceedings are underway on the incinerator proposal and whoever loses the case will appeal, we foresee no outcome of the legal tussle until the end of 2014.

Given the lead time on the planned project we would not see it operational at the chosen location before 2021.

By then we would expect major usage of plasma technology MSW plants worldwide. Airproducts has already stated it will build at least 5 in the UK.

Their business model requires no client funding to build the plant.

Contrary to what the HPA in UK states, peer reviewed data from Spain shows increased deaths and cancers downwind of incinerators.

Imperial College UK is conducting a like study on infant birth mortality and a like study is underway on the Macau Ka Ho incinerator.

Download PDF : WPC_SoQ_March_2013_NDA_Not_Required_Final A

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