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40 MW Plasma Gasification Facility for Sri Lanka

40MW plasma gasification facility

Stopford is currently the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Management (EPCCM) contractor for a 40 MW plasma gasification plant in ($220m investment) Sri Lanka.

The plant will process 1,300 tonnes of municipal waste as a feed for the generation of electricity

40 MW Plasma Gasification Facility for Sri Lanka

40 MW Plasma Gasification Facility for Sri Lanka10 October 2011

Malaysian waste to energy company, Octagon Consolidated Bhd, has started to build a US$248 million plasma gasification facility in Sri Lanka, according to a report in the country’s Sunday Observer.

The 1000 tonne per day facility will be use gasification technology to treat locally collected municipal solid waste a day and generate a minimum of 40 MW of electricity which will be sold to the Ceylon Electricity Board.

According to the company, it licences its Advanced Thermal Gasification Process technology from Green Energy and Technology Sdn. Bhd.

The company says that the plasma torch technology is capable of producing very high temperatures in the order of 10,000 degrees Celsius within the plasma torch and as high as 8000 degrees Celsius at the visible plasma gas tip.

The temperature profile in the gasifier is sustained by using thermal energy from the plasma gas which in turn breaks down the molecular compounds in a very short period of time, often milliseconds. According to the company, this avoids the formation of secondary combustion products and the production of polluting flue gas.

According to the report, Octagon says that construction is due to start in Colombo in the second quarter of next year, with the facility completed by the second quarter of 2014.

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