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Projects under development

The CHO Power plant in Morcenx, currently under commissioning, will be the first power generation plant by gasification os waste and biomass in Europe.

Since its launch, CHO Power technology has attracted a large amount of interest from potential clients and partners (local authorities and communities, businesses, developers, etc.) regarding the development of biomass power plants.

CHO Power is actively working on 7 projects in Western Europe and North America. These projects include the Hirwaun project (Wales), developed by Enviroparks Ltd, under RFQ phase and the UK Ports of Hull, Barry, Sunderland and Barrow developed with Sunrise Renewables. These 4 power plants, representing a total net power production of 37.5 MWe, have received planning permissions, grid connections are secured, feedstock and power off take contracts are being finalized with reputed local energy and biomass suppliers. Subject to the funding scheme, the first project should start construction in second half of 2012.

CHO Power is also overseeing the work of developers trained in its methods on 20 additional projects at a less advanced stage of development.

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