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Copenhagen Airport: Aviation sector in the Nordic region together with Airbus and Boeing join forces for sustainable jet fuel

Key players within the Nordic aviation sector are now joining forces in an initiative for the development of sustainable aviation fuels.

Aviation must become more sustainable, and alternative fuel is one way to achieve this.

The actors behind the Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation, NISA, are Nordic airports, airlines and their industry federations, and aviation authorities. The initiative is supported by aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing as well as IATA (International Air Transport Association).

The parties have come together to form an association to facilitate that the aviation industry gets its share of the limited biofuel resources for use by the aviation sector.

Sustainable aviation

Aviation is prepared to use new sustainable aviation fuels, yet commercial production of sustainable jet fuel is in its infancy. The internationally approved specifications mean that products are fully in line with the current jet fuel used today. The specifications also ensure that they can be used in existing engines on all current and future jet aircraft.

The industry is concerned that other industries and transport sectors are prioritized. In contrast to the other types of transportation, aviation does not have an alternative to the present, fossil based liquid jet-fuel, – at least not in the short or medium term.

Throughout the supply chain

The Nordic initiators will focus on bringing together stakeholders throughout the supply chain to find the best and most energy efficient solutions as well as at the same time put pressure on policy makers to ensure that aviation secures its share of sustainable fuels. The task is quite extensive and involves stakeholders from agriculture, technology suppliers, investors, regulators, producers and oil suppliers.

In all the Nordic countries activity is needed to be a part of the energy policy discussions. Aviation is too important part of the regional infrastructure to be given lower priority. Furthermore, research and development of alternative fuels for aviation should be encouraged in the form of Public Private Partnerships. – Likewise it is also an international issue. Therefore, the Nordic initiative is also in dialogue with parallel activities in the EU and internationally. The support by Boeing and Airbus are of paramount importance since both aircraft manufacturers have participated in the establishment of similar network organizations in other parts of the world.
Behind the Nordic initiative is

Airlines: SAS / Finnair / Norwegian / Icelandair / Air Greenland / Malmo Aviation / Atlantic Airways
Airports: DK /CPH Københavns Lufthavne SV / Swedavia NO / Avinor FI / Finavia, IS / Isavia
Authorities: DK / Trafikstyrelsen SV / Transportstyrelsen FI / Ministry of Transport
Manufacturers: Airbus / Boeing
Organisations: Brancheforeningen / Dansk Luftfart / Svenskt Flyg / Svenska FlygBranschen / NHO Luftfart / IATA (International Air Transport Association)

5 Nov 2013

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