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Guangdong Looks To Nuclear Power For Cut In Sulfur Dioxide Emissions

Ivan Zhai, SCMP – Updated on Feb 06, 2009

Guangdong is banking on nuclear power to cut sulfur dioxide emissions and meet Beijing’s environmental targets. Executive Vice-Governor Huang Longyun said yesterday that the province was pushing ahead with construction of nuclear power plants to “repay the [pollution] debt” amassed over years. Guangdong must lower its sulfur dioxide emissions from 1.29 million tonnes in 2005 to 1.1 million tonnes by the end of next year to meet State Council targets. Mr Huang said nuclear power was expected to cut emissions by 600,000 tonnes by 2012.

Guangdong Environment Protection Bureau deputy director Chen Guangrong said sulfur dioxide emissions fell 5.58 per cent last year compared with 2007, dropping at a slightly faster pace than the central government had projected.

Mr Chen also said the province would invest 2.5 billion yuan (HK$2.84 billion) this year building sewage treatment plants in underdeveloped parts of the province. By the end of last year, Guangdong’s waste-water treatment capacity was the highest of any province, treating 10.9 million tonnes per day, he said.

The government would boost public transport to help reduce pollution, Construction Department deputy director Cai Ying said.

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