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Hong Kong Government to Conduct Trial On BYD Dual Mode Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Business Desk, June 12, 2009

The Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Ms Anissa Wong, today (June 12) participated in a promotional activity on clean fuel vehicles in Shenzhen to mark the launch of a trial on BYD’s dual mode hybrid vehicles by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

“I am pleased to see that the Environment Bureau of the SAR Government has joined with the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Government to promote the use of clean fuel vehicles, and launched the trial scheme together. The scheme will enhance our understanding of this new generation of dual mode hybrid vehicles,” Ms Wong said.

She added that Shenzhen was among the 13 pilot cities on the Mainland to showcase and promote energy-saving vehicles powered by new types of fuel. The co-operation between the Environment Bureau of the SAR Government and the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Government marked an important step in enhancing the transformation of the Pearl River Delta region into a green and quality living area. She expressed the wish that the two places could make the best use of their experiences in developing energy-saving transportation and step up communication and knowledge sharing on research, supply and use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

The SAR Government will commence the trial of two BYD dual mode plug-in hybrid vehicles “3DM”starting from this July. The trial will not only provide the Government with useful information for assessing the use of this type of vehicle in Hong Kong, but will also encourage the public to learn more about this new type of vehicle.

Ms Wong, representing the Environment Bureau of the SAR Government, took part in the Green Action Day 2009 cum Shenzhen-Hong Kong Clean Fuel Vehicle Promotion held in Shenzhen this morning. A number of officials from the Shenzhen Municipal Government, including the Vice Mayor Mr Zhang Siping, were also present.

The Financial Secretary identified in this year’s Budget the promotion of electric vehicles as a key measure to promote a green economy. The Government earlier announced a host of measures for this cause, and set up a steering committee under the leadership of the Financial Secretary to make recommendations on strategy and specific measures to promote the use of electric vehicles. The Government began a trial on an electric vehicle in mid-May.

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