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10 Electric Cars VS Electric Cars in Families

Using Green energy is the trend of different governments throughout the world. After HKSAR government said that she will introduce 10 electric cars in the policy address, another government announced that she will bring green vehicles into the country.

Let’s see this news:

On Friday, October 30 at 8:30 PM, “NOW” investigates how the Danish government and Better Place are working together to put electric cars into the hands of as many Danish families as possible. The idea is still having trouble getting out of the garage here in America, but Denmark could be an inspiration.

Electric Car can help much in the environment.

Electric Car can help much in the environment.

Demark is a country famous for using green energy. She had developed wind power to produce electricity, setting a good example in creating clear power. Now she go further, not just introducing electric cars in government use, but encouraging the citizens to use electric cars. If the electric plant in Demark produces electricity by fuel such as coal, we may say the electric cars there are not clean enough. However, the electric cars in Demark are powered by wind, and contribute a lot to the Earth’s health.

Compare with Demark Government, HKSAR government seem contribute less in environmental protection. Both government talking about electric cars, the former is introducing the cars to the citizens, but the later is introducing 10 cars in government use only. We are both developed region, and we are both enjoying high technology and high quality of life. When we come to the environmental protection issues, we have no excuse. So please require the government to do more in order to clear the air.

Source: NOW, Truthout Programming Note

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