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Fiji 7s backs Earth Hour campaign

21 MAR 2008 – Fijilive

The Fiji sevens team have come out openly to support the noble initiative taken by the World Wildlife Fund for the Earth Hour campaign in the country.

Fiji’s fight for global action against climate change has been very proactive for the last few weeks as business houses and individuals have signed up to turn off all essential lights on 29th of March from 8.00-9.00pm.

Digicel National Sevens team manager, Opetaia Ravai said that it was an honour for the team to be part of the campaign.

“We are very proud to support this good cause and we are asking the people to support this good cause.”

“We do know that the Hong Kong sevens tournament will be held on the same night as the Earth Hour comes into effect and we are not asking that you turn off your television set but do turn off other essential lights.”

One of the champions of Earth Hour, Imrana Jalal is also pleading with people to support this worthy cause.

“Image the lives you could save from turning off these lights. The more you turn it off the less the pollution and the emission of the green house gases.”

“I’m just asking all the people out there to just bear with us for an hour only and join other countries around the world to make a difference.”

Australia is the first country in the world to take up such an initiative.

Last year major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane took the leading stand by turning off their lights for an hour.

Suva and Lautoka will be one of the first cities to switch off lights to support Earth Hour campaign.

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