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September, 2003:

Order for Coal-Fired Power Plant

Order for Coal-Fired Power Plant from BLCP Power of Thailand

Tokyo, September 19, 2003 — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), jointly with Mitsubishi Corporation, has been formally awarded a contract by BLCP Power Limited of Thailand for construction of a 1,434 MW (megawatt) coal-fired power plant. All conditions for implementing this contract, including project finance closure, have been totally completed.

BLCP Power is an independent power producer (IPP) jointly owned by Banpu Power Limited and CLP Power Asia Limited. Banpu Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, Thailand’s largest coal supplier. CLP Power Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia.

The newly ordered plant will consist of two subcritical pressure boilers and two 717 MW steam turbines, all to be manufactured by MHI. Subcritical pressure boilers are engineered to operate at or below the critical pressure level. With a total generation capacity of 1,434 MW, the plant will be constructed in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong Province, approximately 200 kilometers south of Bangkok. The No.1 unit is planned to start operation in October 2006, and the No.2 unit in February 2007.

In Thailand, leading ASEAN economic development, demand for electric power has been increasing rapidly in line with its economic growth, and the plant is planned to respond the base demand. All electric power to be generated at the new plant of BLCP Power will be sold to EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) and supplied to Bangkok.

Thailand, natural gas producing country, is heavily depending on it as fuel. About 80% of the electricity is produced by firing natural gas. Construction of the new big coal-fired power plant particularly corresponds with Thai government’s initiative to diversify fuel sources for power generation, and will be one of the largest modern coal-fired power generation facilities in Thailand when completed.

MHI, with Mitsubishi Corporation, has previously delivered a number of large-scale power plants to EGAT, including Rachaburi gas/oil fired power plant, Nong Chok and Sai Noi gas turbine power plants and Wang Noi gas turbine combined-cycle power plant. With those plenty experience and high appreciation of the customers in the country, MHI now has established another new record in Thailand’s IPP sector, which will be a major driver of the power generation industry in the country.