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Plasma Gasification Finds Favour with UK Environmentalists

03 August 2011

Environmental campaigners in the Southwest of England say that plans to incinerate much of the nations rubbish in the future may be misguided, and have promoted alternative treatment technologies.

A recent report on BBC news has highlighted one such possibility. Advanced Plasma Power’s Gasplasma process has been demonstrated at a facility in Swindon.

Chris Chapman, chief technical officer explains that there has been a shift in the way waste is seen in the UK, with landfill becoming increasingly unacceptable.

The Gasplasma process uses a 6000 degree C plasma Arc to convert the waste material into a 1000 degree C gas, and solidifiedplasmarok.

At the same time, the process produces syngas that can be used to generate electricity.

Environmental campaigner, Peter Brooks is in favour of the new technology, but UK local authorities have been slow to adopt the technology, unlike the situation in Norway and Belgium.

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