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Hong Kong MSW – mass burn moving grate planned

CTA says: On Backchat 4th Jan 2012 Mr Elvis Au of EPD stated the largest plasma gasification plant was only processing 220 tonnes of waste per day and that he had been in touch with Plasma arc plant suppliers. Since we have contacted all of them we find this statement ‘strange’, to be kind to Mr Au.

Mr Au was not seemingly unaware that a 350,000 tonne per year MSW plant had received planning permission to proceed building on Tees side UK.

One of the plasma arc waste to energy company replies is shown below: seems quite clear to us. Perhaps our EPD sees the reply differently ?

Plasma arc vaporizes waste into its molecular state and the gases are collected and cleaned to make Syngas that is burned to generate electricity. Instead of paying to burn waste in an incinerator the gasified waste produces electricity for the grid. The residues of gasification are plasmarok which can be ground and used as aggregate.

Win-Win. Also since the plants are modular they can be discreetly sited closer to the waste streams in different areas of Hong Kong rather than one mega plant on a remote man-made island.

From: James Middleton []
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 07:16
Subject: : Hong Kong MSW – mass burn moving grate planned –

Plasma Gasification plants are modular

How big do you want ?

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From: Brian Miloski []
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 00:29
To: James Middleton
Subject: RE: Hong Kong MSW – mass burn moving grate planned –

James –

There is no theoretical limit.  The gasification chambers are simple modular and you add on as many as you need.  For example, our reference design uses four reactors running at 80% capacity processing approximately 2000 TPD.  To process 3000 TPD, we’d simply add two more reactors….and so on and so on.  Limitations on sizes of any gasification technology is generally feedstock based, not technology based.


CFO, Solena

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From: James Middleton []

Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 12:48 AM

To: Brian Miloski

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Dear Chairman / CEO

I am the Chairman of<> a leading NGO in Hong Kong.

The local Hong Kong Government intends to build an MSW  mass burn incinerator (the first of two to be built) in Hong Kong. We are objecting to this old technology. Hong Kong currently dumps 3000 tonnes MSW, 3000 tonnes food waste and 3000 tonnes construction waste in landfill per day.

The HK  Government EPD says (onair today)<>

that they have checked plasma arc technology and the current plasma arc plants only can handle 220 tonnes per day. Obviously Airproducts’ Teesside UK plant will handle 900+ tonnes per day from their press release.

We understand the plasma technology and background  and are supporting it.

My question is simple – what is the largest possible MSW gasification plant you could build ?

Could a plant be built using plasma arc chambers that could handle 3,000 tonnes MSW per day ? 6,000 tonnes per day ? more ?

Kind regards,

James Middleton<><>

DOWNLOAD PDF : EIA 201 2011 – Comments from Solena Fuels (Dec 15 2011)-1

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