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What a waste

U.S. Plasma Gasification Firm Secures Investment

Oregon based InEnTec, a developer of a plasma gasification technology to convert wastes into fuels and other products, has secured a strategic investment from Lakeside Energy…Read More

ETI Seeks Proposals for ‘First of Kind’ Gasification Demonstrator

The UK’s Energy Technologies Institute is seeking partners for a new £13 million project to design and build a ‘next generation’ demonstration facility for waste gasification technology…Read More

Access to Plastics Recycling Rises to 95% in Canada

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has published updated figures that show over 95% of Canadians now have access to plastic recycling options…Read More

Contract to Build 350,000 TPA Waste to Energy Facility in Cardiff

Construction work on Wales’ first CHP waste to energy facility is due to start following a deal between Viridor, engineers CNIM and construction firm Lagan

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• Apple to Build 5 MW Biogas Fuel Cell at Maiden Data Center
• Joint Venture to Develop 68 MW Multifuel Facility in Yorkshire
• Poor Gas Collection & Landfill Fires Cost California Operator $3.8 million
• Waste to Energy Technology Review by Western Australia’s EPA
• Contract Extension for Kerbside Recycling in Edinburgh
• Contenur Wins Side Loading Bin Contract in UAE
• MIT: Time to Act on Contaminants in Recycled Aluminium
• Court of Appeal Odour Ruling Smells Costly for Waste Industry

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