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Waste to Energy Technology Review by Western Australia’s EPA

Waste to Energy Technology Review by Western Australia's EPA

A comprehensive review of the way waste to energy facilities operate around the world is to provide Western Australia’s State Government with the most up-to date information on waste to energy technologies.

According to Environment Minister, Bill Marmion, the review has already officially started, and is being conducted by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the Waste Authority.

The purpose of the review is to examine different technologies used in Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia.

“This is a comprehensive study that will provide the State Government with the most up-to-date information on the environmental performance of waste to energy facilities,” explained Marmion.

“The study will look at a range of operating facilities around the world using a variety of technologies including gasification and incineration and examine the way these facilities are designed, how they operate, their emissions and the regulatory framework under which they operate.”

The Minister said that with a number of proposed waste to energy facilities currently being assessed by the EPA, the information would prove essential.

Marmion added the review would focus on the processing of mixed non-hazardous waste – including municipal refuse and commercial waste – and low level hazardous waste such as tyres, paints and common solvents.

It would not be considering high level hazardous waste or hospital waste.

The Minister said that waste to energy facilities were an important way of ensuring waste was used for a social and economic purpose rather than being dumped in landfill.

Advice from review is expected to be published by Western Australia’s EPA by end of year.

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