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Chinese renewable energy investment company

alter nrg Plasma Gasification Turning Waste to Fuel in China

Chinese renewable energy investment company, Wuhan Kaidi has successfully completed the commissioning of an Alter NRG Westinghouse plasma gasification waste to biofuel system at its demonstration facility in Wuhan, China.

According to Canadian plasma gasification specialist, Alter NRG (TSX: NRG; OTCQX: ANRGF), unit is designed to take approximately 100 tons per day of biomass waste and convert it into clean syngas.

The company explained that the clean syngas is then to be converted into diesel fuel and other transportation fuels at the Kaidi facility.

Alter NRG said that the demonstration facility is the first fruits of a broader business plan being implemented by Kaidi, to convert waste biomass in central China into renewable energy utilising the Westinghouse Plasma technology.

Under the contract the plasma specialist said that it has access to operational data from the Kaidi facility.

Walter Howard, CEO of Alter NRG commented: “This is a significant reference plant that shows how our Westinghouse Plasma conversion technology has the ability to take a societal problem of waste products and convert it into useful renewable energy.”

“China is a large market with aggressive mandates for renewable energy and we are excited by the interest in the region for waste to energy technology and the foothold we now have in the China market with Kaidi,” he added.

Wuhan Kaidi originally purchased the Westinghouse Plasma gasifier design and plasma torch systems in 2010.

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