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MagneGas Signs $2.7 Million Agreement with Clear Sky Energy S.A. de C.V. of Mexico

Definitive Agreements Signed, Initial Deposit Received for the Sale of a MagneGas Gasification System for $2.7 Million

TAMPA, Fla., April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MagneGas Corporation (“MagneGas” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: MNGA), the developer of a technology that converts liquid waste into a hydrogen-based metal working fuel and natural gas alternative, announced today that it has signed definitive agreements with Clear Sky Energy S.A. de C.V. (“CSE”) in which CSE will purchase a Plasma Arc Flow™ gasification system from the Company for an aggregate purchase price of $2.7 million plus 5% royalties. In addition, CSE will be an exclusive distributor for MagneGas products and services in Mexico.

“CSE is very pleased to represent the MagneGas technology in Mexico. The opportunities in front of us are numerous and broad in scope. We feel the MagneGas technology will have a significant impact in the industrial gas, sewage treatment and hazardous waste treatment markets. We are confident that the combination of CSE’s access to markets coupled with the MagneGas technology will result in several significant opportunities to satisfy the growing demand for Liquid Waste to Energy solutions in Mexico,” said Manuel Juan Marcos , CEO of CSE.

“We were amazed by the access to markets CSE has in Mexico. The recent demonstration to potential CSE customers was well managed and tremendously convincing,” stated MagneGas CEO Ermanno Santilli . “MagneGas provided a mobile unit for testing in Mexico and the CSE team brought oil wastes from around the country. Together we performed a live demonstration of oil wastes being gasified by our recycler, MagneGas feeding a generator and electricity being produced on demand. The customer feedback was very positive.”

The MagneGas IR App is now available for free in Apple’s App Store for the iPhone or iPad and at Google Play for Android mobile devices.

To be added to the MagneGas investor email list, please email with MNGA in the subject line.

About MagneGas Corporation

Founded in 2007, Tampa-based MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ: MNGA) is the producer of MagneGasa, a natural gas alternative and metal working fuel that can be made from certain industrial, municipal, agricultural and military liquid wastes following the receipt of appropriate governmental permits.

The Company’s patented Plasma Arc Flowa process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning hydrogen based fuel that is essentially interchangeable with natural gas. MagneGasa can be used for metal working, cooking, heating, powering bi fuel automobiles and more. For more information on MagneGas, please visit the Company’s website at

About CSE

CSE, formed in 2010, focuses on the development and distribution of sustainable, green energy technologies in Mexico. In particular Clear Sky Energy maintains a focus on helping the energy industry in Mexico dispose of traditionally challenging waste and waste material in ways that are significantly more environmentally conscious and friendly when compared to current methods. CSE and its principals have deep ties to the energy industry in Mexico. CSE will be a leader in assisting companies deal responsibly with newly adopted regulations aimed at better protecting citizens and the environment in Mexico and Latin America.

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