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City Of Far Too Much Light

Updated on Oct 10, 2008 – SCMP

At night in Hong Kong, it is difficult to see the stars in the sky because of the street lamps, and bright shop and neon lights.

It is no wonder that the city at night is a sight that attracts tourists from around the world. But while it might be a magnet for visitors, do we ever think about the serious environmental problems we cause by light pollution?

I know residents in some neighbourhoods complain that strong exterior lighting at night is so bad that it affects their health, because they have difficulty sleeping.

It also affect birds, because they become disorientated.

Light pollution is a problem that the government has to deal with. It is not as if this is something new.

Regulations should be put in place to try and reduce light pollution and give residents and animals some protection. It could limit the number of shops that can have lights on at night and inspect premises to ensure the rules are adhered to. It could also impose a limit on the intensity of lights, so they are not so strong. The government should also try and educate people so they become more aware of the problems that can be caused by light pollution.

Harina Fong, Wong Tai Sin

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