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HK Aims To Raise Proportion Of Clean Fuels To 50% At Power Plants

Thomson Financial News – 15 October 2008

The government aims to increase the proportion of clean fuels in the power generation sector to 50 % of generated output to combat pollution, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang said.

‘As electricity generation is a major source of pollution in Hong Kong, I pay special attention to ways of reducing coal-fired power generation and promoting the wider use of clean fuels while maintaining secure supplies of energy,’ he said.

He noted in his annual policy address that 28 % of electricity generated by power plants in Hong Kong comes from gas-fired facilities at present.

‘To improve air quality and address the challenges posed by global warming, we will actively explore ways to gradually increase the use of clean energy by, for example, increasing the proportion of natural gas for local electricity generation to 50 percent,’ he said.

Tsang did not provide a specific timeframe for achieving the objective.

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