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CLP Targets “World’s Factory” With Energy Efficiency Business Written by James Ockenden – Aug 18, 2008

Hong Kong utility CLP Group has launched an energy efficiency and conservation consultancy targeting steel, cement, plastics, electronics, garment and toy factories in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province.

Based on CLP’s active Hong Kong energy audit service, which typically cuts customers’ energy consumption by 10-20%, CLP Energy Services & Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited will offer all-around energy efficiency and conservation services ranging from energy audits and energy saving solutions to project management and supplier matchmaking.

More than 70,000 Hong Kong businesses own factory operations in Guangdong. Faced with ever-increasing operating costs and new energy efficiency and environmental regulations, many of them have expressed an interest in the new energy service, according to CLP.

Speaking at a Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce event in Hong Kong earlier this year, CLP planning director S.H. Chan dispelled the myth that energy supply firms do not want to promote energy efficiency, citing the economic theory that increased energy efficiency actually increases energy consumption. “We have been looking at energy audits [of our customers] for a long time,” he said. “We look for long term development, sustainable development. If every unit our customers] consume is value for money, we can convince them that using electricity is good for their business.”

On the other hand, he said, inefficient or wasteful electricity consumption would ultimately be bad for the utility business. “If [electricity consumption] is wasteful, and the economy [declines] we will lose customers,” said Chan.

Speaking at the new company opening ceremony in the border city of Shenzhen, new chairman Chow Tang-fai said energy efficiency and conservation remains one of CLP’s key strategies.

“This new initiative reaffirms CLP’s commitment to promoting energy efficiency as one of its key climate strategies outlined in the Group’s Climate Vision 2050. This is set against the backdrop of increasing needs in energy efficiency and conservation in the Pearl River Delta,” said Chow.

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