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CLP Set To Clear The Air Significantly By 2050

Regina Leung – SCMP
5:00pm, Dec 07, 2007

The CLP group (SEHK: 0002) set a voluntary target to cut its carbon emissions per unit of power output by 75 per cent by 2050, says Andrew Brandler, Chief Executive Officer of CLP on Friday.

“The plan is part of our pledge to fight global warming and reduce the effect of climate change. It is going to save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions between now and 2050,” Mr Brandler said.

As an interim measure, there will be a 5 per cent cut over the coming three years.

“We would achieve our target by increasing non-carbon emitting power generation capacity to 20 per cent of the total by 2020, through greater use of nuclear, hydro-power and renewable energy,” Mr Brandler explained.

He also revealed CLP would not build any more conventional coal-fired power stations in Hong Kong and other developed countries, to reduce the worse effect to the environment.

At the moment, CLP runs two major power stations in the New Territories – one in Castle Peak and the other one is in Black Point, both are in Tuen Mun.

Some Greenpeace activists hang a banner that reads “Climate change starts here” from a silo at CLP Power’s Castle Peak plant in Tuen Mun on Thursday while the UN Climate Change Conference was holding on the Indonesian island of Bali, urging the government to regulate its carbon dioxide emissions.

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