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Letter to CLP

Clear The Air

3 Dec, 2009

Dear Legco Panel on Environmental Affairs

please see the self explanatory information herewith.

If this anti pollution system works well in China and reduces dangerous suspended particles then it should also work here.

Exxon Mobil has one test unit installed at Castle Peak but is hesitant to spend more money for all their boilers whilst delaying the issue of test reports to the public on the efficacy of the unit. Meanwhile they have Alstrom here looking at how they can redesign these coal fired systems to use gas.  We see this as a delaying tactic to save their valuable pennies – meanwhile Hong Kong pollution continues to increase. Clear the Air says ‘Delay No More’ to CLP and HK Electric.

From what we can see , Indigo is the Best Current Available Technology and our power companies should be made to fit it by the imposition of WHO Air quality standards which they must meet  – they will need this technology to meet those standards.

Kind regards,

James Middleton

Chairman Energy Committee

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