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Utashinai plasma gasification plant

AECOM attention Dr Lee Potts

Dear Lee,

At the public forum this week there were doubts expressed from the Panel that any plasma gasification plant using MSW as their feedstock had been operational for a sufficient period of time.

From memory I knew that Utashinai plasma gasification plant had been operational for many years after initial hiccups were sorted.

In our discussion at the end of the forum you mentioned a possible problem with refractory linings at Utashinai so I contacted AlterNRG and herewith their reply with some useful emissions’ data that

would interest you, rather than relying on hearsay disinformation from a certain official.

Utashinai closure:

Obviously the Japanese waste recycling efforts reduced the MSW feedstock supply hence the closure rather than the technology problem : whereas in Europe now MSW is a business commodity item rather

than a problem, and with massive incineration overcapacity already they need to import waste as a financial venture to keep the burners running, rather than a waste problem solver.

We have yet to hear back from CLP as to how HK Govt would legally connect or be granted access to the local grid for any electricity generated by any thermal facility here, given the Scheme of Control and

exclusivity contracts signed with the local generation companies and required increase in natural gas powered generation etc. CLP profits by selling electricity it generates rather than buying it for resale.

As spoken, all aggregates in Hong Kong are imported with resultant carbon and pollution footprints and associated higher costs for the construction business so inert plasmarok from any gasifier would be

a low cost boon.

No doubt in due course or through Legco we will learn why the ENB rejected an offer of a free trial plasma gasification plant financed by APP UK and guaranteed by Technip.

Kind regards,

James Middleton


Download PDF :


Incineration vs Plasma Gasification

ecovalley hokkaido plasma lessons learned

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